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Ambika Jain - Director of Production

Ambika is our Director of Production


Ambika has shot, edited and produced over 150 videos for clients including Nike, Microsoft, Virgin, SonoSite, Dell, EA and Dannon in the US and Western Europe.

Her experience at B&P has spanned different roles, such as producing, online community curating, videography, and editing. She leverages her background in Film Production and Producing to scope and create original creative deliverables tailored to each project's unique needs. She is the only one on staff who has shot one of our projects at 35,000 feet on a Virgin cross country flight.

Ambika is a Bay Area native and has been deeply involved with the local film community since studying Cinema at San Francisco State University. She also produces independent media projects, and when her eyes are not focused on a screen, she can be found outdoors, hiking, running, and gardening.